Program Summary  
Pharmaceutical Conference
Colloidal Systems in Pharmaceutical Product Development 
 NSF Center for Pharmaceutical Process Research
 Novel Therapeutic and Diagnostic Delivery Systems
 Pharmaceutical Aerosols
 Recent Advances in Solid Dosage Forms 
 Behavior of Materials for Pharmaceutical and Related Suspensions 
 Drug Delivery Systems
 Recent Developments in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
 28th Annual Meeting of the Fine Particle Society
Particles on Solid Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal
 Heterogeneous Catalysis by Fine Particle Systems
 Advances in Formation and Processing of Ceramics, Sol-Gels and Aerogels 
Colloidal/Nanoparticle Science and Engineering
 Recent Advances in Particle Science and Engineering 
 Particles/Composites and Their Technological Applications 
Asphaltene Colloidal Particle Measurement and Simulation
Artificial Muscles and Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
Food Conference
Advances in Drying 
 Food System Functionality
Physical and Rheological Properties of Foods 
NMR Applications in Food Science and Technology
Starch-Oil Composites and Vegetable Oil Polymers as Carriers 
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LCEs and Artificial Muscles
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