George Cladis, Tribeca Artist

CD Label: Hook of Life

CD Label: Abstracts

Born and educated in New York City, 
George Cladis, studied with Yasuo
Kuniyoshi and Adja Yunkers.
Following an outstanding career in
aeronautics/aerospace (Distinguished
Fellow, College of Aeronautics), he
moved to Paris, France where he was
Artist in Residence at the American 
Center for the Arts and the Cité
International des Arts (1969-73).
Returning to NYC, he invented novel 
techniques to portray experiences 
drawn from a tightly bound  immigrant 
community and the pre-Glasnost 
industrial-military complex. In 1990, 
his work, Atomic Dust at Dawn, won 
first prize at the Cultural and Heritage 
Affairs of Union County, NJ sponsored 
by Merck &Co. Then, April Kingsley 
wrote: a radiance bursts out of 
agitated, turgid, paint-encrusted 
surfaces transmuting Cladis' 
spirituality to the physical canvas that 
the viewer  takes back to the spiritual. 
George Cladis paints the universal unconscious.
George Cladis
105 Hudson Street
New York, New York 10013

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