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          I. von Chaillot
678 Incorrigible, a massive ferocious presence, triggers a tidal wave from the deep. 26 sardine cans guard a gaping mouth, executed in red modeling paste serrated with a custom trowel, that belies the closed gullet. Modeling paste stippled with a wire brush gives volume to a thick impenetrable hide. Triangular mirrors volley light from unsympathetic judgmental eyes. The warmth and quiet equilibrium of 688 The Rune Sisters, oil on canvas, and the bright, multi-colored 666-673 Marble Runes, 9 acrylic on canvas tiles, are soothing counterpoints to Incorrigible.  Brilliant gem-like Abstracts (656,675,676,681-684), festive confetti from the tidal wave, sound polyphonic themes on well-traveled roads (659 Crossroads-c).
I. von Chaillot
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