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Cladis’  technically skilled multimedia installation, MAD,  brilliantly illuminates the agony, drama and destruction lurking behind Olympian windows. In Deterrence, vertical mesh barriers provide a shield through which hostile acrylic arrows scrutinize each other. Opportunity emerges when a window breaks, spraying purple, red and mauve acrylic shards to the ground. Attack!  A 3D acrylic missile targets glued concentric jute sheets. Confusion. Double Cross: an oval window slams open between sedate, dirty chiffon curtains. Nothing is what it appears to be.  A black cross cut from the canvas masks a white alias;  its open wound as blank as the oval window. Reality is torn, shifted and replaced with nothing. In Retaliation, a small aging tree stump, with its badge of many rings, furiously hurls through space leaving deep grooves in its wake. MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction: an empty broken window with  its litter of broken acrylic shards. Epilogue. Atomic Dust at Dawn: many, many  tiny stitches reattach  the torn luminous horizon to a black sky raining random streams of hope.  
I. von Chaillot


Evolution of a Heart
New York Rainbow
Primeval Postcards
Ground Zero
Atelier Pics

G. H. Cladis
Fine Arts Housing
105 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013